Healing From Trauma is Possible

Are you wondering whether healing is possible? Do you crave peace in your life or restoration in your relationships? Are you suffering from the lasting effects of childhood trauma? What difference would it make for you if the past no longer haunted you, if you felt more in control, if you finally felt confident going after what you want out of life?

Don’t sidestep suffering. You have to go through it to get where you’re going.”

Katherine anne porter

Trauma Therapist in Tucson, Arizona

I’m so glad you found me! My name is Rachel Lohrman and I am a trauma therapist, an licensed professional in private practice, Joshua Tree Counseling. I help clients move from the pain of the past to healing and hope for the future. I know how hard it can be to start therapy for the first time or to give yet another therapist a chance. I think you’ll find that therapy with me is different and that I am warm, accepting, attuned, non-judgmental, and passionately driven to help you.

Rachel Lohrman - Trauma Therapist in Tucson, AZ

My office at Joshua Tree Counseling is cozy and inviting, designed to immediately put you at ease. My goal is to come alongside you on your healing journey because you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Thinking about starting therapy for the first time?

Usually, this means you have reached the end of your coping strategies and find yourself open to the experience of counseling to help you move forward. There is often anxiety about attending the first appointment because you’ve never been to counseling before. I think it might help to read about what to expect.

Has therapy failed or disappointed you in the past?

Have you tried therapy before but didn’t connect with your therapist? Or maybe you didn’t make the progress you had hoped to make. If you’re willing to give it another shot, I’d like to show you how therapy with me can be different and that you can reach a place of peace and healing. Reach out.